Setting the Standard

ProfilDoors’ integrity and reliability have opened the doors to its future Established in 2002, ProfilDoors is one of the cutting-edge European interior door manufacturers and has held that status for more than 16 years. ProfilDoors, as a brand, sets European standards for quality, innovation and creative designer solutions. In 2008, the company started manufacturing the doors with the use of a new generation covering film, polypropylene – manufactured by RENOLIT (Germany) – which ideally imitates structure of natural wood.

ProfilDoors’ brand distributors have an outreach that currently covers the United States, European Union, Israel, Russia and many other countries around the world. The company has a total of more than 1,900 employees and over 2,100 retail locations.

ProfilDoors has a large, manufacturing complex of more than 320,000 square feet, filled with modern manufacturing equipment which allows the production of 2,500 doors each day and 50,000 doors a month. Currently, we manufacture 19 standard series of doors, with multiple door models in each series.

This translates into 270 door models with 57 covering finishes. Aside from standard series, we manufacture Exclusive door series made-to-order. For instance, the company makes doors finished with genuine leather and stone surfaces, or non-standard sizes of doors up to 10 feet tall and 40 inches wide.

Quality is the Priority

Quality control at each and every stage of production is a high priority. Every new door model starts as a CAD file, where engineers check all parameters of the door. Then, critical components, if needed, may be made on the 3-D printer to check all tolerances. ProfilDoors’ quality control also is implemented at receiving of all materials and components obtained from our suppliers.

Quality control is implemented at every manufacturing stage, as well. From door part shaping to application of covering film, quality is vigorously controlled. Every door is carefully cleaned by hand before packaging and any imperfections are reported. If it is impossible to correct it, the product is considered defective and pulled out from the shipment.

Environmentally Responsible

All ProfilDoors’ products have high degree of environmental safety. They are manufactured from European components, which do not contain hazardous elements.

As a progressive company, ProfilDoors uses responsible environmental practices. All offcuts and sawdust collected throughout manufacturing processes is recycled. Constant development of recycle methods helps to improve and optimize company financials as well as save the resources and allow effective use of materials.

High Tech

ProfilDoors employs competent and creative in-house engineers and designers who are constantly working on new and improved products. These include door models, materials and technology, as well as integration with innovative door hardware options. This allows us to manufacture unique high-quality products which are often times do not have analogues on the market.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Our product ensures years of trouble free service. Some of the door series have anti-vandal finish covering options. We honor one of the best warranty programs in the industry.

Following all installation and exploitation guidelines, ProfilDoors’ product carries a limited lifetime warranty. This is the result of collaboration between ProfilDoors and its German and Italian partners, who introduce their experience, new ecologically safe materials, technology and design to create the product, which will serve for years to come.

ProfilDoors Inspires Creative Interiors

Doors from ProfilDoors will play an important role in your home or business interior and will help to create unique design solutions. The company has designs in different styles that range from classical to modern.

Our main goal is long-term trade cooperation with our trade partners. Currently, our main focus is on the distribution and wholesale of in stock interior doors, door hardware and accessories as well as custom orders processing and fulfillment.

We Succeed Together

ProfilDoors is a reliable business partner for its customers. Our product is available in all price points, from economy driven segment to middle and premium class. The basis of business relations with our trade partners is integrity, trust and transparency.

Our mission - is to guarantee the best quality possible on a constant basis. Therefore, this gives our clients an advantage, based on our expertise and experience. At the same time, we do think forward and are ready for new ideas and methods. Our open creative culture makes it possible. In the end, our customer relations are based on high level of respect and trust.

Our main goal – is the development of supply chain in California and other states. The availability of stock allows for fast shipment of product to the customer. Our trade partners can rely on our service, quality of the product and an assortment, which is matching to the highest standards. Our interior doors support creative freedom of architects and designers and allow them to realize new concepts in interior design.

Alteco Trading LLC

Alteco Trading LLC is a member in Alteco Group of companies, originally founded in 1991. It is a modern, fast growing trading company. Alteco Trading LLC is a reliable supplier of high quality products of european brand, ProfilDoors.

Our key goal is a long term commitment to a fruitful cooperation with our trade partners. Currently, main objective of our trade is a wholesale of interior doors, interior door hardware and related accessories.

Our main task is development of reliable supply chain for dealers in USA, Canada and Japan. Therefore, we continuously develop warehouse and logistic systems.

Alteco Trading LLC conducts regular market reviews, which in turn ensures supply of relevant product and constant demand for it.

Having stock of product and modern logistic hubs allows for a quick response to customers requests and supply them needed products in the shortest time possible.

Partner Pride

ProfilDoors owes its success to its reliable partners, which include:
Renolit (, a provider of finish covering film;
EGGER (, a supplier of sheet goods;
Kleiberit ( adhesives provider;
AGB (, which has provided the company with door hardware.