Eclipse 3.0

Hinge for flush doors with or without rebate. Suitable for aluminium frames, thanks to the 4 mm thickness of hinge fastening. Completely invisible thanks to its reduced dimensions. Easy installation and covers with coverplate. Suitable for fire doors.
This type hinge in select colors; Black, White, Matte chrome is used as a standard equipment on all doors supplied with Reverse Invisible opening system.

Product features:

  • HEIGHT: 4 17/32"₂
  • MAX. EXTENSION: 35/64"
  • CAPACITY: 40 kg with 2 hinges, 60 kg with 3 hinges
  • TYPE: for wood, for aluminium
  • MATERIAL: zamak
For Aluminium Doors
Eclipse 3.0 is suitable even for aluminium frames, thanks to the 5/32" thickness of the hinge fastening.
Invisible From Outside, Refinement In Door Design
Eclipse 3.0 is the concealed hinge for internal doors that combines design, technological functionalities and simplicity of management and installation.
Adjustments have been created to ensure a long lasting stability and simplicity of use, as the cyclic tests demonstrate, according to the regulation EN 1935. Three completely independent adjustments using a unique 5/32" allen key.


Matte chrome