• The systems of aluminum sliding partitions are an excellent solution for dividing the space of a room, as well as a modern and stylish addition to your interior.
  • The PROFILDOORS factory offers sliding aluminum partitions, made of domestically produced profiles, made using the latest technologies.
  • Sliding partitions consist of a durable and lightweight aluminum profile filled with glass.
  • Color solutions of the profile are achieved by powder painting, at the moment there are six colors: white, black, green, blue, gold, bronze. Triplex glass 3 + 3mm in various designs is used as filling. Italian-made fittings are responsible for the operation of our partitions.
Model 3
The advantages of sliding partitions
Many people ask the question: why do we need partitions, if today there is a huge range of door designs to choose from? Let's try to consider the main advantages in order to answer this question.
So let's highlight the following:
  • For the production of partition profiles, an aluminum alloy is used, which ensures the absence of deformation and corrosion during operation.
  • With the help of a sliding partition, you can quickly and easily zone the space, both residential and non-residential.
  • The minimalist design and "lightness" of the construction correspond to the modern trends in architecture and building design.
  • The design is collapsible. Partitions are easy not only to install, but also to dismantle at any time, for example, in the event of a move. In addition, the design of the canvases allows for glass replacement in case of damage.
Profile and model range
The production of sliding partitions is based on a system of exclusive
aluminum profiles made in Russia.
Описание системы и модельный ряд
Model 1
Model 1
Model 2
Model 2
Model 3
Model 3
Model 4
Model 5
Model 5
* Model Exclusive
* Manufacturing according to the client's drawing (the cost is based on a similar model by the number of jumpers)
Aluminum profile
So let's highlight the following:
  • Reliable protection against corrosion.
  • High aesthetics of the coating and decorative properties. The aluminum profile looks nobler and richer, which pushes the boundaries in design.
  • High resistance to UV radiation (does not fade).
  • Long period of operation, after the expiration of time it does not darken, does not become covered with spots and cracks.
  • Increased resistance to mechanical damage (scratches, abrasions, etc.), due to the improvement of such properties of aluminum as hardness, resistance to thermal effects (not scratched, if only with a nail).
  • Colors of the aluminum profile: bronze, gold, green matt RAL6004, blue matt RAL5003, black matt RAL9005, white matt RAL9003.
Filling the partitions
Triplex 3+3 mm
Laminated glass (consisting of two or more layers), increased strength. 

Opening scheme and closer
Opening scheme and closer
2 canvases "in the opening" by default closer in each leaf
Opening scheme and closer
3 leaves "in the opening" door closer only in the middle door
The scheme of placing the closer in the track
The scheme of placing the closer in the track
Closer "bi-directional", works when opening and closing the curtain
The scheme of placing the closer in the track
The scheme of placing the closer in the track
The scheme of placing the closer in the track
Limitations, recommendations, terms and features
  • The depth of the opening for installation "in the opening" is at least 120mm.
  • For the most accurate measurement result and subsequent production of canvases, it is recommended to use electronic measuring devices. (Laser rangefinder, digital protractor).
  • Measurement of the opening geometry is required at least 3 points of the opening, both in height and width of the opening.
  • The maximum number of canvases in the partition in the conditions of installation "in front of the opening" - 2 pcs.
  • Maximum blade height: 3000mm (except "Model 1" - 2400mm).
  • Minimum width of the leaf: 600mm (for the leaf in which the closer is planned to be installed), 400mm (for inactive leaf).
  • Maximum web width: 1000mm (Allowed to exceed 1050mm).
  • Transportation: hard packing is used to distant regions. Packing materials: polyethylene, corrugated board, foam.
  • Production terms: partitions filled with triplex glass (14 calendar days), tempered glass 6 mm (30 working days).
  • Working with the configurator