Monoblocк door frame by profildoors

12/01/2016 12:00:00 am

Monoblock is a unique product designed in conformity with the latest European standards.
Monoblock is an assembly consisting of a door frame and telescopic casing.

Up-to-date design

Design of a monoblock ensures coplanarity of a door leaf and casing in the same plane; this coplanarity contributes to up-to-date design of your interior.

Eco-friendly Materials

Only high quality and eco-friendly materials are used in monoblock door frame manufacturing.

Engineering structure

Vertical and horizontal pillars of the door frame are pre cut at 45° angle on a professional equipment in the factory, which provides an ideal integration of the frame and casing.

Frame and casing are connected with accessories: pins, fixing clips and screws. Properly assembled monoblock eliminates movement and shift of the parts during exploitation. Casing joint is fixed on internal side with special screw coupling resulting ideal tight joint without visible gaps. Monoblock has a reverse construction, that means that side of door opening can be changed in the field prior to installation in the case of change in the layout. Monoblock has absolute advantage over a standard door-frame due to ease of assembly and universal installation option.

Monoblock is completely ready for installation, so you can install it without professional assistance.


  • Easy installation;
  • Reliability;
  • Universal opening side;
  • Elegant design.

Compatible models

Currently Profildoors Monoblock door frame is compatible with the following models of basic configuration:

  • All models of Series XM, UC, UM, L;

 with optional accessories: 

  • All models of Z and Е Series.


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