Opening system where door panel is assymetricaly split. When open, panels fold and slide to one side. With reliable and smooth operating hardware, "BOOK" system doors add style to any interior while saving space


System "BOOK" is another solution of PROFILDOORS based on standard Bi-fold door principle. The system has a door panel split assymetrically. When open, the panels fold within door opening and slide towards left or rights side (depending on the door handing). In the fully open position door panel is perpendicular to the wall and is centered to the wall within opening. Quiete operation, reliable components and wide assortment of door styles make this system a great choice for any interior. Space saving characteristic of this system make it the only choice in certain situations.

Series of doors, to which the "Book" system can be applied

System incompatible with doors: 0Z, 1 SZ, 17Z, ЗSZN, 50-59ZN, ЗSЕ, 50-59Е, 60-79SMK, 80-89LK , 8-17Х; U, 19-27Х; U, 30-31X;U, 49-69Х; U, 74-75Х; U, 80-97Х; U, 100-104Х; U, 11 ОХ; U, 116Х; U, 2.01-2.0BXN; U, 2.1 0XN; U, 2.26-2.ЗЗХN; U, 2.41-2.42XN; U, 2.70-2.72Х; U, 2.74-2.?SXN; U, 2.80-2.81XN; U, 2.85-2.94XN; U, 1 S0XN; U, 2.01-2.0BSTP, 2.1 0STP, 20STP, 62-63 STP, 1 S0STP.

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