Such system can be the best alternative to the standard door offerings. it improves convinience and ergonomics of a swing door. It is especially well suited for narrow areas where it is necessary to optimize space for furniture and decoration items.


System "ROTARY" is a great alternative to standard swing door. The main components is a rotary mechanism, which operating pushes the door center towards one of the jambs (depending on the handing). The mechanism allows operation of the door inwards or outwards. Door equipped with "ROTARY" system uses space only within door opening and does not occupy any wall spaces adjacent to the door in fully closed or fully open positions.

Series of doors, to which the "Rotary" system can be applied

System incompatible with doors: 0Z,15Z,17Z,35ZN,35E,8X/U,9X/U, 20X/U/STP, 21X/U, 22X/U, 62X/U, бЗХ/U, 74X/U, 75X/U,86X/U,88X/U,89X/U,98X/U, 99X/U, 11 0X/U, 150 XN/U/STP/L, 2.01-2.07 XN/U/STP, 8L, 20L, 2.07L.

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