External Finish

The choice of finish influences not only the exterior of the door, but also its functional qualities. We constantly strive to deliver to our customers cutting edge finishing options. The finish coatings range of PROFILDOORS currently include the following options:

Artificial Materials:

  • Unilack. Coating, resistant to chemical and physical effects, as well as exposure to ultraviolet (does not discolor in the sun). Made with technology developed by our German partner company, the door leaf is covered with several layers of UV resistant varnish.
  • Polypropylene. Ecological covering of industrial production, actively used in the decoration of doors. Has a number of advantages: impact resistance, wear resistance, attractive appearance (imitating natural shades and texture of wood), easy care.
  • Gloss. This coating has a high quality surface with a glossy effect. The main advantages: resistance to mechanical damages, moisture resistance, wear resistance, ease of maintenance.
  • High Gloss. Innovative technology distinguished by an ideal glass-like smooth surface with maximum resistance to abrasions and scratches.
  • NanVeneer. The material, developed specifically for PROFILDOORS, has a deeply pronounced structure.
  • Silk Matt. Paint and varnish matte coating, characterized by an even color and superb feel and quality.

Natural Materials:

  • Natural Wood Veneer. Limited selection of natural wood veneers such as white oak, walnut and wenge are available.
  • Stone. Our new collections of doors may be chosen with natural stone inlays which add a touch of nature to the modern product.
  • Genuine Leather. Our exclusive doors can be ordered with luxurious genuine leather inlays or finished with leather completely.