Iterior Doors



ProfilDoors has tremendous style selection of interior doors. Be it various flush doors or assembled panel doors, with glass, aluminum, stone or even leather inlays. Coated by different finishes, including; PolyVinylChloride and Polypropylene films, NanVeneer, UNILACK and others. Each of the material has its own set of features and benefits.

Our knowledgeable sales team can answer all the questions you may have about any finish or coating type utilized by ProfilDoors in its products, production technologies, durability and other product aspects.

ProfilDoors follows the latest trends in the building industry, design and architecture.

Many styles in standard sizes are in stock and available for a quick ship to the customer. Thus we are able to satisfy clients of any size, from design studios or stores, builder or developer to regional dealers.

Why ProfilDoors:

  • High levels of noise reduction. Achieved by utilizing an innovative materials for door construction .
  • German made NanVeneer has realistic wood texture, resistant to fading and sun damage, resistant to mechanical damages as well as non reactive to cleaning agents containing chlorine.
  • Italian made hardware. Excellent functional features, durable and wear resistant.
  • Telescoping door casing. No visible nail and/or screw holes after installation.
  • Wear Resistance. Assembled construction of door panel (L, X, U, XN, STP) provides for easy repair or replacement of failed door part.
  • Stylish and elegant appearance. Wide selection of models allows you to choose unique design to your taste.
  • Environmentally friendly. No toxic materials or components used for production of any ProfilDoors style! Our product is environmentally safe and can be utilized in public and health facilities, private residences and childrens rooms.