• Barn door
  • Rotory system
  • Folding system "Book"
  • Folding system "Compack"
  • Invisible door jamb
  • Monoblock jamb
  • Aluminum monoblock
  • Transome
  • Two-field door
  • Barn door "Magic"
  • Automatic door sill
  • Barn door "Diva Air"
  • Soundproofing
Flush doors finished with exclusive to PROFILDOORS NanVeneer finish in select colors PINE GLOSSY, developed by Renolit (Germany). A feature of the coating is its pronounced deep brushed structure with a glossy lacquer monophonic surface or a matte lacquer monophonic surface. it is impossible to achieve such uniform coloring, and especially glossy effect on natural veneers with deep brush texture.
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