• Barn door
  • Rotory system
  • Folding system "Book"
  • Folding system "Compack"
  • Invisible door jamb
  • Monoblock jamb
  • Aluminum monoblock
  • Transome
  • Two-field door
  • Barn door "Magic"
  • Automatic door sill
  • Barn door "Diva Air"
  • Soundproofing
Premium doors in the coating “High Gloss”, which has no analogues in the market in depth and “mirror” gloss. Has an external protective varnish layer, preventing from abrasion, scratches and burnout. It is completed with Italian loops AGB Eclipse 20 with the Italian lock AGB 190. Optionally, you can order the German loops “Simonswek” and the German castle “KFV”. There are 3 colors and 12 models.
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