Compact and elegant opening system, which can be made with one or two folding panels. Each door panel folds in half in the open position towards the wall. "COMPACK" system is an ideal solution for space saving.


System "COMPACK" from PROFILDOORS is a simbiosys of elegance and practical function. "COMPACK" System may be made in a single or double (french)door. This system achieves space saving while adding style to the appearance of your interior. When open, the door panel folds in half and swings 180 degrees to the wall. It takes 2 times less wall space than regular swing door. It is very convinient for the interiors with close proximity of furniture or other elements to the door opening. System works very well with all flush door types. Folding doors of system "COMPACK" would be an excellent solution for the closet or laundry entry. As well as any other spaces where traditional swing door type would not work. Folding doors with ssystem "COMPACK" from Profildoors is the choice for practical entry solution.

Series of doors, to which the "Сompack" system can be applied

System incompatible with doors: 0Z, 1 SZ, 17Z, ЗSZN, 50-59ZN, 25Е, ЗSЕ, 50-59Е, 60-79SMK, 80-89LK.

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