ProfilDoors opening systems

  • Barn door

    Barn door door is a well-known principle of door opening function. The system can utilize one or two door panels. It can be made to be recessed in wall cavity (Barn door door).

  • Barn door 2

    The “Barn door 2" system. Although it is similar to “Barn door function”, it is far more elegant. The door sliding along the wall has an incredible effect as all mechanical parts of the system are hidden in the door leaf and are not visible from any side. You see only a stylish door sliding along the guide profile, which is mounted above the doorway.

  • Bifold

    It is an opening system, in which a door leaf is divided into two asymmetrical parts. When opening the door, its parts fold and move to one side. "Bifold" mechanism is hidden at the top of a door. It provides a smooth function. Please note: Application of Bifold function in X-Series doors is limited to only models 7X.

  • Compack

    Compact and elegant opening system that can be made with one or two split door panels. When opening, each door panel folds in half and presses against the wall. This system is a perfect solution for decorating dressing rooms, utility rooms or other openings where the classic type of opening is inconvenient.

  • Rotory

    An excellent alternative to classic swing doors. The mechanism of this system is designed so that a centre of a door leaf is pressed against one of the sides of a doorway. This type of function system has few added benefits. Space saving as an open door needs less space around it and ability to push or pull to open a door with same hardware.