An excellent alternative to classic swing doors. The mechanism of this system is designed so that a centre of a door leaf is pressed against one of the sides of a doorway. This type of function system has few added benefits. Space saving as an open door needs less space around it and ability to push or pull to open a door with same hardware.

Animation of the "Roto" system

Series of doors, to which the "Roto" system can be applied

*EXCEPT MODELS 8 Х/U/L, 10 Х/U, 11 Х/U, 15Z, 17Z, 20 Х/U, 21 X/U, 22 X/U


1. The "Roto" set (door leaf, casing, lock with a retainer catch, "Roto" mechanism);

2. Door handle to choose from.


3. Standard jambs.

Constructive solutions

Single wing doors

Double wing doors

Side: left or right (specify when ordering).